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15 Apr 2021

State energy regulators pull a fast one and decide not to vote on a safety certification for Pacific Gas & Electric that their Wildfire Safety Division granted. Local power and ratepayer advocates, who have urged the California Public Commission to deny PG&E’s certification, are livid. The commission does vote to step up its oversight of the utility’s fire mitigation work, as expected.

The CPUC also approves San Diego Gas & Electric expanding its program to install EV chargers in poor communities and workplaces. The company gets the okay to recover $43.5 million but with cost oversight. That is because it ran up $25 million in overcharges in the underlying pilot.

Federal energy regulators move to reduce incentives to utilities participating in transmission organizations to save consumers an estimated $350 million a year. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission also takes a step towards integrating state carbon pricing into grid operator markets.

The Energy Commission continues to dole out big awards to support clean energy technologies. But the millions of dollars in grants does not stop diesel backup projects.

Lots of action is afoot in the electrification of transportation. While that road may be paved with good intentions in California it won’t be green if most EV charging isn’t done when renewable supplies are surging. Also needed is regulators and utilities getting fully in gear with bidirectional vehicle batteries and vehicle-to-building technologies, Juice finds.

The Governor signs a legislative package providing half a billion dollars to support emergency wildfire mitigation before this year’s fire season takes off.

The state Senate energy committee advances bills to integrate emerging clean resources into the grid and expand hydrogen use in vehicles.

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