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29 Apr 2021

State regulators agreement with Pacific Gas & Electric that issuance of $7.5 billion in ratepayer bonds will improve its ratings will be put to the test again. Intervenors will seek rehearing of the controversial California Public Utilities Commission decision. A major rating agency is non plussed because the big utility securitization will not affect its credit metrics.

Energy storage continues to increase. But storage generators champ at the bit over limitations in the grid operator market not well structured for new resources. The California Independent System Operator says it wants to better accommodate storage technologies.

Legislation advances that would require the private utilities to share the benefits of their expensive early renewable deals and utility gas, nuke, and hydro plants with community energy, and not just the costs. Utility representatives claim that allocating proportionally resource adequacy and other attributes of legacy resources will drive up ratepayers utility bills.

Another legislative measure would require city and county building departments to automate permits for residential solar and battery units. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory developed an app to do just that.

SoCalGas directed ratepayer energy efficiency funds to undermine efforts to reduce the energy consumption of appliances. But it looks like it will avoid a penalty. Ratepayer and environmental advocates continue to insist that it be fined $255 million for undermining energy efficiency for seven years.

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