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13 May 2021

Additional resources give the California Independent System Operator more confidence in this summer’s grid. More than half will come online as the sun sets and air conditioners fire up. The grid operator also points to other resources in the event of intense peak demand if there is another whopper heat wave across the West.

The California Energy Commission continues to go gang busters on clean energy grants. It doles out $38 million this week to advance a range of clean technologies, from zero emission transportation to using discarded electric vehicle batteries to provide 1MW of energy storage. Looming in the background is yet another large diesel backup project at a data center.

The CEC’s newest draft building energy efficiency code update makes no significant changes. But the tug of war over how much to electrify buildings continues.

California often claims it’s a climate leader with its clean energy standard and push to get millions of zero emission vehicles on the roads. But local permitting of EV chargers, a critical element of emissions-free vehicle growth, is far slower and more costly than the national average.  A new bill seeks to change that, although there is a streamlining permit law already on the books.

The Governor wants $2 billion used to reduce the growing debt of struggling ratepayers who’ve not paid their utility bills because of the pandemic. Ratepayer advocates applaud the move, noting there is about $2 billion in investor-owned utility arrearages alone. State utility regulators also are attempting to address filling the financial hole.

Solar training is less available in parts of L.A. with more African Americans. Workforce training expert say the consequences will be serious if Black people miss out on job opportunities in the energy transition.

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