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10 Jun 2021

The road to essential carbon neutrality is laden with challenges, requiring more than electrification of vehicles and buildings. Renewable fuels, rates that get EV drivers to charge when the grid is flush, and flexible demand also are key, agency staff say during the first cut of the Air Resources Board’s scoping plan update.

It also is a slow road to installing all the needed chargers to support the goal of getting millions of electric vehicle drivers in California. A new California Energy Commission report points to needed plug and communications protocol standards but falls short of embracing a voluntary standard widely used in Europe that makes charging more customer friendly.  

This week, the CEC doles out more than $90 million in grants to assist clean energy entrepreneurs working on decarbonization breakthroughs, advance medium- and heavy-duty vehicle charging, and improve dairies’ energy efficiency.

A solar/battery powered microgrid was installed in a remote fire prone area near Yosemite to serve a little community round the clock. The new PG&E microgrid is welcome by solar advocates. They want to see more of them, but on condition that third parties get to bid on future ones.

The federal government follows in Los Angeles’ footsteps and also aims to drive down the cost of clean and low carbon hydrogen this decade to create a market to get closer to decarbonization.

The annual Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s meeting on the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power plant is a truncated remote version of previous public meetings.

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