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17 Jun 2021

The California grid operator extends the call for conservation from Thursday to Friday evening. Initially, high heat across the West was expected to be the main threat to reliability on June 17 but then 1,100 MW of in-state generation crashes. About the same time, an unscheduled 600 MW of gas plants comes to the California Independent System Operator’s rescue. That doesn’t stop Gov. Newsom from waiving emission limits for gas plants and diesel back up.

The controversial Klamath River dams are closer to the wrecking ball with federal energy regulators’ approval of California and Oregon officials replacing PacifiCorp as co-licensee with the non-profit tasked with the demolition.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission this week also reiterates its court-required authority to consider gas projects impacts on the climate. It also creates a federal-state task force to identify and tackle siting issues for transmission projects needed to support clean energy targets.

At its annual legislative review, the California Public Utilities Commission gets slammed for not following legislative mandates. CPUC President Marybel Batjer profusely apologizes but the head of the Assembly energy committee says the problem goes way beyond her, calling it a systemic problem.

Earlier, the CPUC proposes creating a state monitor to see if PG&E is following safety laws and rules, replacing the federal monitor who has been on the job for five years.

A CPUC regulatory judge’s proposed decision would reduce the cost of non-utility microgrids by suspending a key charge imposed by utilities.

A new Lawrence Berkeley National Lab finds that pairing solar and battery projects is a great fit for California. It’s surging solar resources and open land lead to a large number of matching projects. But it is not a good fit for other places outside the west, where land is limited, and congested transmission points require batteries to be placed closer to load.

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