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What Biden’s $1.9 T Infrastructure Plan Does and Doesn’t Include

20 Apr

by Herman Trabish The Biden administration’s $1.9 trillion spending plan to make the U.S. power sector 100% clean energy by 2035 has generated great attention but barely begun its way through Congress. Clean energy proposals in the Biden American Jobs Plan would expand the renewable energy tax credits and mandate spending for clean energy and […]

The Buzz

7 Feb

State energy regulators pay lip service to California’s mandate for the energy sector to be 100 percent clean and then approve the replacement of a 50-mile natural gas pipeline in San Diego. But, the Sempra utilities’ $677 million cost estimate for the project is to be examined. The House Energy & Commerce Committee takes aim […]

House Panel Airs the Benefits & Challenges of Capturing Carbon

6 Feb

Federal funding for the research and development of technologies to remove carbon emissions from the air and industrial facilities, turning it into viable products and storing it long term is needed to reach a carbon neutral economy by 2050, according to federal lawmakers. The issue also is the focus of a bipartisan House bill, Utilizing […]

PG&E Stock Hit by Mounting Potential Fire Liability

11 Jun

Pacific Gas & Electric shares took a beating June 11 after CalFire revealed last Friday that the utility’s power lines were involved in starting 12 more wildfires north of San Francisco last fall. Increasing liability for PG&E is that CalFire alleged the utility violated state fire protection standards in eight of those blazes. Earlier this […]

Climate Roundup: South Coast Eyes GHG Standards for Power Plants

2 Jun

Los Angeles area air quality regulators are adding greenhouse gas requirements to the permitting process for new and rebuilt power plants and other major industrial facilities. (more…)


2 Jun

The California Assembly passed AB 1550 by Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez (D-Los Angeles), which would require a minimum of 25 percent of the proceeds from state carbon auctions go for projects in disadvantaged communities. An additional 20 percent would have to go for projects that benefit low income households regardless of where they’re located. The measure […]

Climate Roundup: Low Carbon Fuel Credit Prices Take Off

26 May

While carbon emissions allowance prices in the state’s cap-and-trade market have been largely flat since regular auctions began in 2012, carbon emissions reduction credit prices in the California Air Resources Board’s low carbon fuel standard program have soared. They have increased five to six fold since last fall. (more…)

Climate Roundup: Judge Says “Kids Can’t Wait” for Action on Climate Change

5 May

Washington’s Department of Ecology was ordered to establish carbon emission reduction regulations by the end of the year and make recommendations to the state Legislature on science-based greenhouse gas cuts in response to a climate change suit brought by a group of youths. On April 29, King County Superior Court Judge Hollis Hill also ordered […]

Climate Roundup: CEC Staff Calls for End to Hydrogen Energy Licensing

7 Jan

  The staff of the California Energy Commission recommends that the committee in charge of the project certification terminate the licensing process for what would be California’s first coal-fueled power plant equipped with carbon capture and sequestration technology. (more…)

CLEAN TECH: Utility-Scale Carbon Capture

24 Apr

Although post-combustion carbon dioxide capture can’t be considered proven at the utility power plant scale, some capture processes have been demonstrated at large pilot or pre-commercial scale facilities, leading suppliers to say it’s ready for full-scale application at natural gas power plants. (more…)


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