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Final Blackout Study Calls for More Reserves, Warns of Diablo & Pacific Line Risk

14 Jan

Details on the key causes of the mid-August blackouts are out, and consistent with an earlier analysis. They highlight market and planning flaws and a system thin on the cushion of extra power, or resource adequacy, the grid requires. The final analysis also points to an acute concern over two scenarios: a sudden loss of […]

Fed Regulators Make Way for Carbon Pricing in Wholesale Markets

15 Oct

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has opened the door a crack to allow state carbon pricing into wholesale markets, proposing a set of policy guidelines for grid operators. It was approved on a 2-1 vote cast Oct. 15. The California Independent System Operator has incorporated carbon pricing into its market since 2013, and the new proposal […]

CPUC Formally Fires Its Director

1 Sep

The California Public Utilities Commission voted unanimously Aug. 31 to formally oust the agency’s executive director Alice Stebbins.  “You took a series of actions over the course of several years that calls into question your integrity,” CPUC President Marybel Batjer told Stebbins during a remotely-held public meeting. She added that Stebbins neither took responsibility nor […]

The Buzz

27 Aug

State utility regulators sign off on funding the country’s biggest green public interest energy program and utility electric vehicle charging plan. The California Public Utilities Commission approves Southern California Edison’s $436 million program to install 38,000 electric car ports, focused on renters in and outside of struggling communities. The CPUC also extends for a decade […]

CPUC Director, Agency Charged with Shoddy Hiring

11 Aug

The executive director of the California Public Utilities Commission, Alice Stebbins, who was placed on indefinite leave last week, stands accused of nepotism in hiring. A new State Personnel Department report takes issue with six upper management positions that went to Stebbins’ former colleagues.  It also faulted the commission for lacking an anti-nepotism policy. Stebbins’ […]

Sudden Change at Helm of Utilities Commission

6 Aug

The California Public Utilities Commission executive director says she is being pushed out for pressuring the agency to collect $200 million owed to it by utility companies, mostly ones that provide water, but also energy and telecommunications. CPUC President Marybel Batjer notified staff the evening of Aug. 4 that Alice Stebbins, who has been executive […]

FERC Unsettles Hard-won Deal to Remove Klamath Dams

23 Jul

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission threw a wrench into the planned demolition of four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River straddling California and Oregon. The dams are owned by Warren Buffet’s PacifiCorp. Last week, FERC approved a partial transfer of licensing for the 163 MW dams on the lower river, from PacifiCorp to a nonprofit […]

PG&E Takeover Bill Passes Key Assembly Vote

9 Jun

Updated June 10 Legislation to allow California to seize Pacific Gas & Electric’s electric and gas infrastructure if the company fails to finance its $58 billion reorganization plan by the end of September or starts another large fire passed the Assembly Utilities & Energy Committee on a 12-2 vote. “It is a bill I hope […]

CPUC’s Policy & Planning Division is History

2 Apr

With no fanfare, the California Public Utilities Commission April 1 eliminated its Policy & Planning Division. There had been talk of the division getting a new head, but instead its’ acting director, along with others, were moved to other sections of the CPUC as part of an internal reorganization. On Monday, according to Terrie Prosper, […]

Coastal Agencies, Lawmakers Raise Red Flags on Beachfront Puente Power Project

7 Feb

A split in Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration over a controversial power plant project proposed in Oxnard widened this week when the California Coastal Conservancy recommended that NRG build the facility at an alternate location. The next day, a group of state lawmakers raised questions about the need for the plant and its impacts on the […]

JUICE: Elephants in the Grid Room

5 Jan

Editor’ Note:  With this issue we are launching our Trump Watch, which covers moves and actions by the incoming administration that threaten or clash with California’s years of policies, rules and laws to move its electricity sector away from fossil fuels.   That California’s climate protection and alternative energy policies clash with the incoming Trump […]

JUICE: CA Green Ain’t the New Black

17 Nov

Last week’s national election was demoralizing for clean energy advocates and many others but it also had the inverse effect of galvanizing state and local leadership. A few days after the election, Gov. Jerry Brown pledged to “protect the precious rights of our people and continue to confront the existential threat of our time, devastating […]

JUICE: California Solarizing

10 Nov

The late Tom Hayden is known for his anti-war and civil rights activism, and nearly two decades in the California Legislature. Less known and as important are his contributions to launching and reviving the state’s drive toward a low-carbon energy economy, particularly with the rise of climate change deniers. Hayden’s work included developing a groundbreaking […]

Jobs From the Sun Report in Hindsight

10 Nov

The unprecedented 1978 report, Jobs From the Sun, illustrates California’s vision of a thriving, job-creating solar energy sector. Authored by the California Public Policy Center, including project director Fred Branfman, and behind the scenes Tom Hayden, it estimated this sector could help reduce California’s high employment rate at the time by creating 3.8 million jobs […]

Solar Undercurrents

10 Nov

The burgeoning solar industry in 1970s was given a considerable lift by vociferous opponents of liquefied natural gas plants proposed in Santa Barbara, Long Beach and all along the California coast. Natural gas supplies were severely constrained in California and across the U.S., pushing to the front burner alternate sources of energy. Liquefied natural gas […]

Bills Aim to Slash Methane Leaks from Natural Gas Facilities

7 Apr

The same day officials announced shaky summer reliability for Southern California stemming from the massive natural gas leak at the SoCal Gas Aliso Canyon storage field, legislation to minimize fugitive leaks from natural gas pipelines and storage facilities advanced. (more…)

It's the Capitol: A Bottoming Cycle Bill Fails Committee

10 May

Smattering of energy bills pass.

Juice: Carbon Auction Disappoints

14 Dec

Dealing with embarassment of an 83 percent shortfall?

Manufacturers’ Study Adds $100B to AB 32 Costs

29 Jun

Legislation would raise utility bills, report states.

Climate Action Reserve Backs Fertilizer Offsets

29 Jun

Air Resources Board would have to consent.


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