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By Published On: January 17, 2019

State energy agencies are delving into natural gas and electricity price spikes in Southern California. One major SoCal Gas supply pipeline remains out of service after it burst in 2017, while two other major utility pipelines are operating at reduced capacity due to age deterioration.

Lawmakers and the governor are not rushing to any conclusions about how to deal with Pacific Gas & Electric’s bankruptcy. All options are on the table.

This week’s Juice column finds that PG&E’s first bankruptcy holds important lessons for the utility’s forthcoming bankruptcy reorganization.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s first meeting of the year is largely a eulogy for former chair Kevin McIntyre. Meanwhile, a confirmation hearing for President Donald Trump’s appointee to head the federal Environmental Protection Agency highlights the nation’s political parties’ divide.

In California, the grid operator is preparing to become the new power reliability coordinator for the West after it enters agreements with 32 of the region’s 39 balancing authorities.

Trump calls back furloughed federal employees to process oil and gas leases and permits without pay.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s first budget largely continues in Jerry Brown’s footsteps for state energy programs.

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