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By Published On: August 15, 2019

The California Public Utilities Commission says goodbye to President Mike Picker. The five commissioners also approve new decade-long energy efficiency targets and SDG&E’s $100 million heavy-duty vehicle electrification program.

The California Independent System Operator gets a CEC pat on the back for being the new Reliability Coordinator. The Energy Commission also adopts impressive new rules to save water and energy.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra sues U.S. EPA for its dirty Clean Power Plan replacement rule.

California’s groundbreaking climate regulations are helping to slash greenhouse gases. But those reductions are largely being wiped out by rising emissions from the state’s transportation sector.

It’s not been  a fun week for PG&E. It’s parent corporation reports that 2017-2018 wildfire claims cost it $3.9 billion in pre-tax dollars. The bankrupt utility also struggles to hold the sole grip over its reorganization in the face of multi-billion dollar stock offers from stakeholder hedge funds. The utility also infuriates two federal judges for shoddy tree trimming and executive bonuses.

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