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By Published On: September 19, 2019

Trump’s claim that California’s Clean Air Act waiver is preempted by federal law drives state air regulators to look at other ways to slash climate pollution from the transportation sector.

Two Republican federal energy regulators approve a proposal to alter the 40-year old law protecting small renewable projects and co-generation. The dissenting Democratic commissioner says it’s an end run around PURPA.

Decarbonizing the industrial sector is a mighty challenge. The House Energy panel learns it requires many things, including major funding and other incentives, new policies, and switching to less polluting fuels.

Greta Thunberg goes to Washington. She arrives without prepared remarks, instead imploring lawmakers to listen to the scientists who wrote the IPCC’s Report on Global Warming.

The three state private utilities push ahead on their mandated wildfire mitigation plans. But, there are challenges aplenty, including serious shortages of tree trimmers.

The periodic table is center stage at the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Lawmakers and others stress the importance of getting the U.S. back in the rare minerals game to ensure continued growth in the alternative energy sector.

The San Diego Regional Community Choice Energy Authority is a go following the San Diego City Council’s vote to join.

PG&E agrees to pay insurance companies a little more than half of their $20 billion in claims under a deal sent to the bankruptcy court judge.

This week’s guest column finds that as more renewable resources are added and as renewable generation’s costs continue to fall, the renewable premium is vanishing in key markets.

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