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By Published On: January 14, 2021

One of the avenues for helping secure power supplies during safety shutoffs and heat waves is a proceeding on clean microgrids. But a new California Public Utilities Commission decision makes little headway on advancing the microgrid market because of concerns about ratepayer costs and safety. Those concerns do little to appease low-income advocates who object to putting private utilities in the driver’s seat.

The final report detailing the causes of the mid-August blackouts includes no surprises. The grid operator and energy agencies point to their work to increase grid reliability by this summer, including a call to increase the supply cushion mandate. They also warn about risks of losing the Diablo nuclear plant and transmission line from the Pacific Northwest.

A federal agency that manages public land pitches controversial changes to the carefully crafted plan limiting renewable energy development in California’s deserts. The reaction is swift and furious.

San Diego Gas & Electric’s $1.16 million in projected power costs for 2021 are given the green light. The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power is found in violation of its clean air permit because of methane leaks from its Valley Generating Plant.  Pacific Gas & Electric hopes to sells it smallest natural gas field.

A proposal by state utility regulators directs the securing of resources to meet this coming summer’s peak load and high demand as the sun sets.

The state chief pitches a $2.5 billion budget to reduce transportation’s climate pollution and wildfire threats. More than half of the money is to come from the carbon cap-and-trade money to build electric vehicle charging stations, promote alternative transportation in struggling communities, and remove dead and dying trees.

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