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By Published On: May 7, 2021

Pacific Gas & Electric’s $7.5 billion bond issuance gets final approval. Regulators sign off on its financing order, which includes oversight by a finance team tasked with protecting customers. Ratepayer advocates welcome the oversight on condition it is robust, but object to the legal basis of the approved ratepayer-backed securitization.

San Diego Gas & Electric chances of continuing to be the sole provider of gas and electricity to the City of San Diego rise. It faces no competition for the valuable franchise. Jeff Martin, parent company CEO, is pleased but does not reveal negotiation details to financial analysts.

The two investor-owned utilities in Southern California report higher first quarter earnings. PG&E’s reports lower net income.

The California Public Utilities Commission finds a rise in the cost of mandated renewable purchases. It is associated with an expansion of non-solar resources.

The federal land management agency removes the Trump Administration’s hold on the 350 MW Crimson solar project to sit on more than 2,000 acres of desert land. Part of the project will fuel Southern California Edison’s adjacent 200 MW battery project.

PG&E makes the case for California Public Utilities Commission’s decision finding it meets securitization requirements.

California sings a green tune, but the permitting of electric vehicle chargers continues to be considerably more costly and slower here than in other states.

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