Big hydro loss, Gov. waives pollution limits, Sempra earnings

By Published On: August 5, 2021

Warnings about diminished hydropower because of the ongoing drought in California become a reality. On Thursday, a state official announces the shutdown of the 750 MW Hyatt Powerplant because of the lack of flow from Oroville Lake to feed it.

That is after Gov. Gavin Newsom, in the face of climate-worsened wildfires and more intense heat, orders more energy resources to come online this summer to avoid blackouts. His strategy includes waiving air pollution limits on old gas plants and dirty diesel backup.

Sempra Energy’s second quarter earnings are nothing to write home about. Instead, the company chief touts the promise of renewable gas and hydrogen to financial analysts.

Southern California Edison’s parent releases it second quarter earnings that match those of the same quarter in 2020. But SCE’s earnings drop, which Edison International officials blame on state regulators for delayed approval of the utility’s 2021-23 general rate case seeking a 19% increase.  The California Public Utilities Commission proposes scaling back the costs, including those to cover wires.

The CPUC votes to require Pacific Gas & Electric shareholders to pick up the $25 million tab for a new state safety monitor. 

Earlier, PG&E reveals it probably sparked another wildfire in late July that merged with California’s biggest fire burning this year, the Dixie Fire. The Fly Fire in Plumas County ignites just after PG&E’s parent company said it was launching an unprecedented plan to underground 10,000 miles of its overhead wires in fire risky areas.

The CPUC’s update of its distributed energy resources plan will aim to meld rising levels of local renewables with air quality, climate and job opportunities, particularly in underserved communities. The biggest deal will be increasing the value of surging levels of solar, storage and EVs by better market integration.

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