SCE rate increase, CEC fossil power permits, Rooftop solar costs vs benefits

By Published On: August 19, 2021

Southern California Edison gets a nice juicy three-year rate increase of nearly 20% above the current revenue of $6.4 billion. Much of hike is for covering a huge swath of power lines in fire prone areas and wildfire insurance. None question the risk reduction from covered lines but the cost effectiveness is an issue.

Earlier, there is more good news for SCE. The California Attorney General and investigating fire agencies conclude that the utility can’t be criminally charged for the 2918 Woolsey Fire. Investigators say proof beyond a reasonable doubt is lacking.

To get more power online asap to meet emergency peak demand, the California Energy Commission votes to expedite permits to build new natural gas and diesel generation and expand power plants. Rushed permits waive pollution protections. The new gas and diesel backup 10 MW and larger will be up and running for five years. They are supposed to add pollution reduction technology, including replacing diesel with natural gas, but there is no deadline.

After months of testimony and debate over cost shifts and values of rooftop solar, the decision on how to set California’s next credit for distributed solar owners goes to state utility regulators for what is sure to be a controversial decision.

In the face of powerful dry winds, Pacific Gas & Electric cuts off power to 51,000 in the foothills and Northern California to avoid lines igniting fires.

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