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By Published On: September 16, 2021

The Sacramento Municipal Utilities District approves lower payments for distributed solar matched with storage incentives. Will other regulators grappling with high utility solar payments follow suit?

San Diego Gas & Electric will pay almost $60 million to settle a case on the misuse of ratepayer dollars meant to increase the use of efficient light bulbs by remote customers. Instead, bulbs went missing or were seriously overstocked at mom and pop shops. A similar program run by Southern California Edison also seriously wasted customer funds and ran afoul of the rules. It could be forced to pay much more.

The only major clean energy bill to pass seeks to launch an offshore wind energy industry in California. But its teeth were pulled out during the legislative process, so no gigawatt mandates or targets are included. Legislation to promote clean microgrid in communities and slash carbon emissions bite the dust.

Ratepayer advocates challenge state regulators approval of Pacific Gas & Electric’s massive ratepayer bond to cover some of its wildfire liability.  The 30-year, $11 billion ratepayer-funded bond must be stopped because ratepayers may be short changed, and the cost is not their responsibility, The Utility Reform Network tells the First District Appellate Court in San Francisco.

A major rooftop solar advocate looks at the huge growth in the industry the last 20 years as he heads out the door of Vote Solar. But Adam Browning knows there can be no letting up on the fight against entrenched fossil fuel interests.

The biggest lithium ion battery project in California at Moss Landing encounters serious trouble.

Because batteries are needed to feed the grid when the sun sets, the amount of battery energy flowing in can be viewed on the California Independent System Operator’s website.

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