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By Published On: November 11, 2021

The Klamath River dam removals are getting closer to reality with the upcoming release of federal regulators’ requisite environmental analysis of the teardown. While expected to be the last needed giant step, dam removal proponents struggle with disinformation campaigns.

Sempra Energy finances are in the red, along with those of the other parent corporations of the California utilities. The $1 billion settlement over the Aliso Canyon gas storage field’s months-long methane leak wallops Sempra’s and affiliate SoCalGas’ third-quarter earnings.

On top of recent sorry earnings reports, Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric face lawsuits from dozens of cities for claims the two illegally used customer greenhouse gas credits to lower the amount of utility user tax owed. A recent appellate court ruling, however, tells the suing cities they, not the utilities, have to collect the shorted funds from ratepayers.

PG&E’s $10 million settlement with investors following the hit on stock prices from equipment-sparked wildfires and extensive shutoffs gets final approval.

California joins with Oregon, Washington, the province of British Columbia and six of the region’s largest cities to create a new task force to advance the market for new construction materials that slash emissions. Concrete and steel used in construction are responsible for more than 10% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.

A university report says keeping the aging Diablo nuclear power plant online a decade beyond its license expirations would save $2.6 billion and reduce carbon emissions by 10% by avoiding more natural gas-fired power plants. But that would require the undoing of a state-approved settlement to close the units that can produce 18,000 GW per year and violate a mandate to slash the plant’s large ingestions of seawater.

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